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Why Drinks Network Uses Storytelling in place of Traditional Advertising

As businesses continue to expand online, creating exciting ideas to reach a wider network of buyers has become a critical priority for all retailers. Developing innovative new methods to market and promote products in a way that will increase sales and revenue has become a top priority of every business manager’s agenda. 

According to Retail Drinks Australia, this has been highlighted by the pandemic, where in-store shopping has dramatically decreased due to lockdowns and restrictions. So online shopping has become the solution for many liquor businesses. 

Consumers are seeking greater opportunities for appealing and rewarding online shopping experiences. Online shoppers are constantly chasing the best way to find and buy their favourite brands, so Drinks Network seized the chance to scale up operations to stand above the competition. 

How do we do this? Through the latest digital technology, combining sales and marketing with social storytelling and consumer education.

At Drinks Network we’re shaping the future of serviced liquor marketplaces by finding solutions that target, attract, and retain Gen Z and Millennial shoppers, while also appealing to the luxury liquor market. One common issue faced by all online shoppers is the risk associated with buying something they’re not familiar with. Often buyer expectations aren’t met, because once the purchase is made, customer service is non-existent and they receive a delivery of something entirely different to what they ordered. To ensure our shoppers can place an order confidently, we’ve incorporated storytelling and liquor education in an exciting and accessible way that makes it easy for shoppers to make the best purchase decisions.

Before launching Drinks Network as an online liquor marketplace, we produced video content for some of your favourite Australian liquor companies, gaining thousands of global followers on our YouTube and social media channels. Drinks Network is using the same video storytelling strategy to highlight the best quality aspects of gin, tequilas, whisky, rum and many more liquor products.

What does this mean for your buyers? By explaining the extensive history of spirits and other liquor products, then educating buyers about your specific products, shoppers can trust us to sell them exactly what they’re looking for, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

They can learn how spirits and liquors are made, what types and range are available, gain access to classic and modern cocktail recipes, with instructional videos that show how the cocktails should be prepared. We even offer a wide range of professional bar equipment so shoppers can help build their own home bar. 

When buyers know what to expect from their purchase and how they can use your liquor, you can have confidence that buying from us means repeat business and increased sales for you ­­— everybody wins!

We’re providing the value-add of a rich and enticing connective content experience at no extra cost to our buyers or vendors. 

When vendors partner with Drinks Network, not only will your customer base be greatly increased through access to our community of loyal shoppers, but you also receive professional support from our devoted team of industry professionals.

We will continue to grow your potential market for any of your listed products, using our best practice marketing and SEO strategies,  expanding your reach to a nationwide pool of new customers. On top of this, we offer a range of methods to retain your current customer base using our exclusive loyalty programs and coupons offers that will keep your customers coming back for more, time and again.

Become An Affiliate.

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Register as an affiliate on this page below to gain access to the affiliate members only section.


Generate your unique link on the affiliate section in your dashboard by copying any page or product link into the link generator and click generate.


Share your unique affiliate links on socials, your blog or your website and when anyone clicks it, you'll earn from every purchase they make.


You'll receive 5% commission on their first storewide shopper sales and then a further 2.5% of sales your tribe makes thereafter. 

With our constant support and guidance, you’ll never have to do it alone, whether you’re just starting your journey into the world of online liquor retail, or if you’re seeking new ways to expand your current online presence. We will work directly with you and ensure you have all the very best personalised tools and strategies to find success on Drinks Network. 

By engaging with us, we can help you explore our different plans and show you our platform in action, so you can decide which options suit your specific needs at a price that matches your budget. 

Once you’re signed up, we offer personal strategy sessions and consultations with our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable liquor experts, to help you plan and design customised marketing strategies and plans. Our weCare support team will provide guidance and support to make sure you’re on the right path.

 We look after the tech and hard stuff, so you can sell the product. Welcome to Drinks Network. Good Times. Swipe, Buy, Delivered.

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