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In this age of digital technology, vendors that don’t use digital shopping and marketing platforms to grow their business are missing the opportunity to reach a key demographic – online shoppers. Drinks Network has an online presence that caters to all shoppers but is aimed at the Gen Z and Millennial market, a key group of consumers who use online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping

Drinks Network is, in addition to it own unique marketplace, also a one-stop multi-channel selling platform that allows vendors to deliver their products, match current market pricing, and track multichannel sales, all in one easy-to-use dashboard. We call this brand of eCommerce a serviced marketplace. 

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Click the link below to find out which liquor eCommerce plan is right for your products and business. 

eCommerce is now more important than ever, especially amid a global pandemic. Many liquor retail businesses are reeling from the effects of lockdowns that have impacted their retail outlets and hospitality clients. It’s critical to understand that people are creating their own ‘at-home experiences’ that take advantage of zoom, social media, and other apps to meet with friends and family in distant places while they are isolated.

Drinks Network is an easily accessible online marketplace that allows consumers to browse and purchase their favorite wine, spirits and cocktails which are delivered directly to their door at home. Drinks Network, with the combined use of education and storytelling, is leading the competition in providing a fun and engaging method of bringing liquor to the forefront on a digital marketing and sales level. Liquor brand managers often face the same problems when it comes to eCommerce. It’s a time-consuming and laborious task to create accounts, load products, match pricing and manage the expectations of online customers. Drinks Network is the number one solution for vendors that need a simple, hands-off method to manage their eCommerce effectively and efficiently.

When you sign up with Drinks Network, we provide a range of personalized services including:

Drinks Network offers a wide range of Vendor services and tools to help manage and scale your online business potential. We’re making eCommerce easy and building a long-lasting liquor experience for both vendors and consumers. Drinks Network. Good Times, Swipe, Buy, Delivered.

Product loading
We’ll load two of your products at no cost so you can see how Drinks Network operates, plus we’ll provide a free eCommerce consultation to help you figure out if we’re the right marketplace and eCommerce solution for you.
Competitive value pricing
We list your products at prices that match the current market for fair sales to both vendors and consumers. And all the time focusing on any required price updates.
Promote your brand
We believe in the individuality of each of our vendors and express the importance of each brand through unique personalised storytelling and marketing to match each of your brands and listed products.
Organisation and time saving
You will save time and hassles using your Drinks Network dashboard that offers a comprehensive suite of multi-channel product listing and management tools to enhance sales fulfilment across all the major online marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping.
Peace of mind
You’ll be able to track all your sales data easily through our easy-to-navigate dashboard, which will save you time, money, and headaches. When you list with us, you’re a respected industry partner in business.
Money-back guarantee
If you decide Drinks Network isn’t the right platform for you, we understand and offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. No hard feelings!
Learn More, Sell Smarter

Click the link below to find out which liquor eCommerce plan is right for your products and business. 

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