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Patron XO Cafe Tequila Liqueur, Kahlua, Malibu, Absolut Vodka all in short supply

Notice some things missing already? It's been going around that everyone's favourite spirits (not just Patron XO Cafe Tequila Liqueur) may be in short supply this Christmas. The Do's and Don'ts when buying spirits in high demand.

Aside from being mindful that we are still at the tail end of a Pandemic with constantly changing supply variables, we are seeing a genuine shortage of product for a few different reasons. 

Espresso Martini drinkers need to understand that the Pandemic has changed shipping globally with freight delays through most major shipping channels. What used to be a 4 week journey from Mexico to Australia for a container of Tequila can now be anywhere from 6 months to a year. No guarantees. But fortunately this is being relieved by a shipment due to arrive in mid November.

So what are the big importers doing about it? Well some are filling up the short supply with replacement products, switching customers from their faithful to another brand. Who would have thought?

So while yes, Pina Coladas with Malibu might be on the home summer cocktail menu this year, it’s maybe a Lychee Colada with French Lychee liqueur you’ll end up with. Or have a spritz. Customers have to be willing to try different things as we forge our way through into this new kinda crazy and shortages of supply. 

Secondly, there has been some apparent importer hesitancy to order in larger quantities as some alcohol sales did take a decline during lockdown. 

It’s also confirmed that Absolut Vodka is already out of some lines of stock and will need to fulfil backorders (as will many other brands) before Christmas. 

If you would like to go on the list for backorders of Patron XO, please contact us.

Get on the Patrón XO Cafe Wait List

We sold the last 200 bottles of Patron in less than 4 hours. Backorders were the result for many. 

“It's a strategic decision to delete Patron XO Cafe Tequila Liqueur. We are a tequila company and we sell world class tequila. We want to focus on premium Tequila, this it why we are changing ”

Here are the things I wouldn’t do if I were shopping for alcohol online in 2021.

    • Don’t go buying crazy on a product unless you’ve checked out it’s in stock in large quantity.
    • Be aware and considerate that shipping expectations need to be a little flexible. Labour shortages and everything else is slowing.
    • Don’t buy after Dec 13 if you want your goodies before Christmas
    • Don’t wait, if you see something, buy it.

Think about what you are buying and make a shopping plan this year. Get in early to avoid missing out on your ideal summer drinks. If you want to shop now, pay later, use AfterPay 

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Here are the things I would do if I were shopping for alcohol online in 2021.

What to look for when shopping for alcohol online?

  • Look for the stuff you can’t find at the corner Bottle Store
  • Look for value add deals, often discounts can have customers fill the cart but get stung on the shipping at checkout. Look for free shipping deals and coupons.
  • Buying close to Christmas dose not get you your product faster, so remember to shop for products well before December 13, 2021
  • Check out the return policy and ask if you don’t know if you can return you goods. What about refunds? Ask that question, most online retailers have a refund policy but be sure to check first.
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The Backstory on Drinks Network

Hayden Wood | Drinks Network Founder & Managing Director

New Liquor Marketplace Finds New Ways to Help Brands Navigate eCommerce

In 2020, Drinks Network Managing Director Hayden Wood (Author: The Liquid Kitchen, Good Wine, Bad Language Great Vineyards book series) realised the potential of utilising the educational content as a base to drive online liquor sales.

“On the eve of the 2020 COVID lockdown, we decided to flip Drinks Network and all its assets into one sexy online marketplace – utilising super powerful digital tech. We conducted extensive research and learned from the fashion industry, such as ‘The Iconic’, that the liquor industry has a long way to go to engage on a more personal level digitally – so we’re leading that charge helping shoppers learn more, buy smarter.” said Hayden. 

 “Our team believes strongly that there is a largely untapped market of shoppers wanting value-added, or good times as we call it, and engage through story-selling, rather than lowest price wins,” Hayden concluded. 

In addition to their own audience, Drinks Network offers serviced marketplace solutions for multi-channel. This includes product listing management and sales fulfillment across platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. Collectively a brand can reach 3.5 million Aussie shoppers each week with all sales showing in one Drinks Network dashboard.

Drinks Network was awarded the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Grant in 2021 from the New South Wales Treasury Department, which has allowed the business to invest in advanced technology to increase Drinks Network platform performance.

For more information about Drinks Network Services, or to become a vendor visit:

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Hayden Wood

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