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How to Buy and Sell liquor on Auction in Australia

5 Things to Know when Buying Spirits

If you’re in the market to buy unique, rare or vintage spirits, there are many possibilities to connect with sellers who are looking at cashing in their ‘chips’.  Here are some things to consider to help you find your next purchase at the right price.


Ye Olde Liquor Shoppe

In the past, buyers would often seek out small independent liquor stores in the hope of finding a forgotten classic languishing on the dusty shelves. This has become a bit of a long-shot with keen spirit hunters already snaring those trophies, however it’s still worth a look. Sometimes they have desirable limited edition bottlings that their local clientele weren’t interested in, and you may even find them significantly discounted.


Agave Love and Cane Cravings

The buying frenzy is not just limited to Scotch whisky and Bourbon. Tequila and rum are emerging as two categories that have an active resale market happening. Although most of the ‘whales’ are in the US, there is a significant interest in both these categories here in Australia. We are one of the top agave spirits consumers per capita, and our lust for rum runs deep into our history. There is interest and demand for older bottlings of Ocho and Fortaleza tequilas, as well as high demand for small batch artisanal Mezcals. Old bottlings of Bundaberg rum can easily change hands for thousands of dollars, depending on age and condition, but the buyers are out there and the sellers are waking up to the potential. Interest groups like the Ministry of Rum can open your eyes to the secondary market for small producers who have become hugely sought after, and they aren’t cheap!


Stranger Danger

When buying on-line from a ‘stranger’, we place a lot of trust in the seller and the condition of the bottle being purchased. On social media interest groups, where sales are organized through direct messaging, the trust is placed on the seller to hold up their end of the bargain, with very little to secure the transaction other than human decency and moral integrity. Usually the deal is completed successfully, albeit with delayed gratification, with the buyer eventually receiving the package and eagerly opening it to inspect their purchase, hoping it lives up to expectations.

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Online Marketplaces

Today, you may need to take a more proactive and direct route to adding to your spirits collection through social media interest groups and online auctions. Joining online groups like the Australian Whisky Appreciation Society you can see what’s trending and get feedback from other spirit sleuths. When buying through marketplaces, like Drinks Network, eBay, Amazon and others, the buyer has an extra layer of protection, knowing that the seller has a reputation to uphold and any negative reviews can definitely impact on their ability to sell.

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Five tips for buying and selling liquor online

  1. Become Familiar: Frequent online spirit Auctions sites like Drinks Network Auctions, Australian Whisky Auctions and international auctions as well.
  2. Be Decisive: Know the value and be prepared to lock in a price for a quick sale. Private sales are where you’ll find the best value as a buyer.
  3. Buyer Beware: Be aware of counterfeit products when buying from international interest groups, especially if the price sounds too good to be true.
  4. Bricks & Mortar: Have a look in liquor stores in small country towns. You might strike gold!

5. Deceased Estates: Check for listings of Estate sales and Garage sales through Buy Swap Sell groups on Marketplaces for finding that diamond in the rough.

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