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How the Pandemic Transformed Liquor Retail

Hastened by the global pandemic, online shopping has quickly become the consumer’s number one resource for almost everything you could think to buy. Whether it’s clothes, food, household items, or even a car, there’s an app or website selling it.

With the convenience and simplicity that online shopping offers, it’s no wonder it’s taken off so rapidly. The reality is, if you haven’t shifted your business onto digital marketplaces, you’re missing out on reaching access to a huge potential market.


the past, liquor products haven’t generally been the first eCommerce items consumers turn to for purchase, although many online retailers and shippers have found success using the internet before the pandemic. Now there is a seismic shift to online retail. Drinks Network has developed an innovative online marketplace that taps into the world of online liquor sales. We have created an eCommerce solution for liquor brand managers to rapidly increase their online reach to increase sales.

Shopping is now easy with your laptop or smartphone, opening a simple app or web browser, so there is no need to visit a store. So how do you make sure your liquor products are still easily accessible and readily available to online consumers? As a vendor with Drinks Network, you’re teaming up with an eCommerce team that provides a serviced marketplace solution for liquor. Work with a range of solutions including Drinks Network marketplace pricing and promotions through to multi-channel listing and product fulfilment.

Within our specialised platform, we give you access to our toolbox of promotional strategies and marketing content that’s guaranteed to drive buyers to your products. Drinks Network also provides dedicated technical support to help vendors solve any problems or challenges. Just contact a member of our weCare team and we’ll show you what’s required and help you fix it immediately.

Shaping the future


Listing your products with language and SEO to be found by new buyers.


Vendor Plus gain access to our digital marketing campaigns and promoted categories.


Repeat customers find their way back through loyalty programs and coupons.

Using enticing videos to tell brand and product stories, along with educational articles, we are constantly developing compelling methods to keep our new and returning visitors on our platform exploring for extended periods. Using the latest digital technology, we are constantly analyzing consumer habits and influencing their purchasing decisions before they make their way to the checkout.

Further to general browser shopping and impulse buying, we have seen an increase in viewing and sales of our exclusive high-quality, high price point products. The pandemic hasn’t impacted the luxury or the super-premium liquor market, so Drinks Network’s premium spirits auction is currently a playground of high net worth individuals willing to drop serious money on rare and exclusive spirits.

The shift to online shopping is here to stay, introducing valuable digital marketing and sales opportunities. Drinks Network provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to make new waves in the world of online liquor retail.

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