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If there’s one benefit technology has provided, it’s the opportunity to explore new and exciting sales and marketing concepts. Technology allows every business an opportunity to sell products to a huge market of new consumers every day. Selling on a digital platform allows vendors the ability to make quick changes to their operations while keeping pace with the ever-changing and rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

Vendors are constantly reimagining the way they sell products, and Drinks Network provides the perfect solution for innovation and creativity in online sales. We recognized the need to expand beyond traditional retail methods by creating a multi-channel online marketplace to buy and sell liquor

So, what makes Drinks Network a unique Marketplace?

Our online marketplace places emphasis on storytelling and brand education over price wars. Our consumer base, primarily Gen Z and Millennial shoppers, recognize the value of products and brands that tell a story, which is why we offer free high-quality video and educational content for most products listed on our site. 

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Drinks Network shoppers can learn about the history, production methods, and enjoyment of different types and styles of drinks, with delicious recipes for classic and modern cocktails and a range of drinks of their choice. We have content for wines, spirits, and cocktails, and push exciting and vibrant new content out on a regular basis. We also produce customized marketing and promotional content in-house to entice customers to products. Check out our YouTube channel for examples of the content we have already produced. DrinksnetworkAu

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How does this benefit vendors?

Through education and targeted marketing campaigns, we keep consumers excited to come back to check new content and buy more of your products. Shoppers are astute and seek to understand what they’re buying, how to use it, and if it will suit their needs. So if they’re able to gain this information easily, they’re more likely to make a purchase and return to check out new products and promotions. Drinks Network provides shoppers with a wide range of quality resources so they can learn about listed products and make comparisons to help with purchasing decisions. When you list your products with us, you immediately gain access to our network of shoppers and all you have to do is watch your sales numbers increase.

How do I get started?

If you’re lucky enough to have stock of rare and hard-to-find spirits that you’d like to sell, you can list these on Drinks Network Spirit Auctions. The spirits auction has already sold a range of rare and unique whisky, rum and cognac which has never been available online in Australia. Our audience regularly returns to see what new and exclusive products are going under the hammer. We offer auctioneer licences that provide sellers with access to a dashboard displaying the number of product views and current bids, which also allows them to add listings of premium liquor products for auction, with a specified reserve and starting price. 

Products that are hard to find?

Signing up with Drinks Network is easy! We offer three different plans to suit any vendor and we’ll help you list two products, FREE, to demonstrate how we work. The first step is to get listed on Drinks Network marketplace and then you’ll have access to sell your product across our multi-channel partners including online retail marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay, all from one trusted source. Best of all, you get to figure out if we’re the right eCommerce platform to suit your needs, with our no-questions-asked, 30-day, money-back guarantee. We want to make sure every vendor on our site understands the benefits as much as we want to work with you to increase your market reach and sales!

Learn More, Sell Smarter

Click the link below to find out which liquor eCommerce plan is right for your products and business. 

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