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Celebrate World Cocktail Month 2022

If you haven’t already been advised by your social constituents, May is World Cocktail Month. This is the month when the world celebrates the shake, rattle and roll of spirits, tipples and tinctures to form a sum greater than its parts. A time where we raise a glass in celebration of all things luxurious, deluxe and fabulous.

If you’re willing and able, dress up, remember something profound to include in a toast while drinking, and drink something delicious with friends!   May is jam-packed with occasions worth celebrating the cocktail, including Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo on May 5 for Tequila lovers, buy Mum the Gin you’ve always wanted for Mothers Day on May 8 and make her any one of the million gin cocktails out there. 

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Of course we should all be enjoying classic cocktails on World Cocktail Day on May 13 and, if we can, we should raise a glass and thank our lucky stars that we can learn everything we want about cocktails including their history, types and styles and how to make them on Cocktails Explained. Then there’s World Whisky Day on May 21 which makes the perfect excuse to indulge in a celebration of malted, fermented, distilled and aged barley, wheat and rye. Old Fashioned anyone?

With all the excitement that comes with cocktails, think of Sydney’s bygone mecca of the cocktail, Eau de Vie, or the more recent central hub of downtown cocktails, Employees Only, you might well be asking yourself, “How am I going to do this when I’m stuck at home with the kids on a school night?” Whether you’re going out to celebrate or a stay at home date night, there is often some hesitation to explore mixing drinks at home. After all, there is a science to the molecular constructs that render them memorable and occasional to mark a celebration in our lives. 

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So, What's the easiest classic cocktail to make at home?

Enter STORY Cocktails

Before lockdowns were invented to keep us safe, the genius of two fellas from Southern Victoria proposed that anyone could safely mix a world-class cocktail in their own home without the fear of reprisal from an old mixology nerd telling them what they had missed and how it couldn’t stand up really as a cocktail but more like a cordial or a mulled wine. 

Founders Michael (left) and Alistair (right) Photo by Pia Cook
Founders Michael (left) and Alistair (right) Photo by Pia Cook

Founded in 2016 by Michael Stewart and lifelong friend and collaborator Alistair Cook, STORY Cocktails was one of the very first bottled cocktail products to hit the market with their Negroni, Old Fashioned and Vesper Martini, as well as the Martinez. 

Geelong-based STORY Cocktails was recently awarded the first ever Platinum medal for a bottled cocktail at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A Platinum medal is a remarkable accomplishment, only being awarded to the very few entries that receive a Double Gold medal in the competition for three consecutive years.  And they have a medal for every product in their range. So any cocktail nerds stalking your dinner party can take a seat – relax, keep drinking.

Stewart believes the company’s success comes from their focus on the reasons why people drink cocktails in the first place. He stated, “We focus on the experience that goes with our drinks, making sure everything is right so that our customers can concentrate on what really matters to them; enjoying themselves in the moment.

A curated Spotify playlist completing each cocktail is just one of the ways this innovative company has been able to add value for their customer.

Stewart and Cook have painstakingly crafted every aspect of the cocktails, choosing each ingredient not simply for its individual qualities, but for how it will combine with all others in the finished product. The Martinez cocktail has been made so it can age in the bottle, and some customers have been purchasing it to cellar for several years before drinking. 

STORY cocktails makes for an easy solution for enjoying cocktails straight from the refrigerator to your cocktail glass, at home, on a picnic or when the urgency strikes the moment to celebrate something wonderful, like you.

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The Backstory on Drinks Network

Hayden Wood | Drinks Network Founder & Managing Director

New Liquor Marketplace Finds New Ways to Help Brands Navigate eCommerce

In 2020, Drinks Network Managing Director Hayden Wood (Author: The Liquid Kitchen, Good Wine, Bad Language Great Vineyards book series) realised the potential of utilising the educational content as a base to drive online liquor sales.

“On the eve of the 2020 COVID lockdown, we decided to flip Drinks Network and all its assets into one sexy online marketplace – utilising super powerful digital tech. We conducted extensive research and learned from the fashion industry, such as ‘The Iconic’, that the liquor industry has a long way to go to engage on a more personal level digitally – so we’re leading that charge helping shoppers learn more, buy smarter.” said Hayden. 

 “Our team believes strongly that there is a largely untapped market of shoppers wanting value-added, or good times as we call it, and engage through story-selling, rather than lowest price wins,” Hayden concluded. 

In addition to their own audience, Drinks Network offers serviced marketplace solutions for multi-channel. This includes product listing management and sales fulfillment across platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. Collectively a brand can reach 3.5 million Aussie shoppers each week with all sales showing in one Drinks Network dashboard.

Drinks Network was awarded the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Grant in 2021 from the New South Wales Treasury Department, which has allowed the business to invest in advanced technology to increase Drinks Network platform performance.

For more information about Drinks Network Services, or to become a vendor visit:

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