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5 Ways Drinks Network is Giving Power Back to the Vendor

Many liquor brand managers experience similar problems when trying to navigate the world of eCommerce for the first time – the process can be overwhelming! It takes a dedicated team to figure out marketing, branding, and distribution. But with Drinks Network that’s something you won’t have to worry about. .

Drinks Network is committed to creating an easily navigated, streamlined, user-friendly site to connect liquor brands to the right customers. For anyone wanting to explore online retail, Drinks Network caters to liquor brand managers and boasts a platform for sellers to access millions of shoppers through high-tech multi-channel listings. This means a product that sells on Drinks Network can also be sold on eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping, all from one platform.

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When you sign up as a Drinks Network vendor, you access:

We make your transition to the online marketplace as seamless as possible by providing free strategy sessions, consultation meetings, ticket support, and a virtual assistant for all vendors and their listings. We call Drinks Network a serviced marketplace for this reason.

Want to know how customers feel about your product? We go a step beyond customer reviews and provide direct business-to-customer communication. Chat with your customers directly and answer any questions about your listed products to ensure a successful buyer-seller relationship.

Your products are not limited to only the Drinks Network site because we offer multi-channel listings, so your product is in front of 3.5 million eyeballs on multi-channel marketplaces weekly. List products with us and you’ll also see clear and concise sales data including sales from Amazon, Google, and eBay, all shown within your Drinks Network Dashboard.

Manage your sales numbers directly through one simple dashboard. We understand how difficult it is to manage all your sales data when you’re selling across multiple different channels. With Drinks Network, you don’t have to worry about that! We consolidate your data into one easy-to-use dashboard. Find out who’s buying what, from where, and watch your sales numbers skyrocket. 

 In addition, vendors have the opportunity to access a range of ‘best deals’ and promotional campaigns. Sell 280% more using customized digital marketing and social media campaigns that will allow you to drive traffic to your products, so you can re-target, connect, engage and sell more effectively. Watch your products fly off the digital shelves when you promote on Drinks Network. We’re giving you all the tools you need to increase growth in your business.

Stop wasting time trying to nderstand the complexity of Amazon, eBay, and Google all by yourself. Drinks Network removes the stress, so you have more time for managing and promoting your products. We offer our vendors three different plans when you sign up, so you get exactly what you need, at an affordable price that works. Become a top-selling vendor today at Drinks Network

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